Sapphire Released HD 3870 TOXIC

SAPPHIRE HD 3870 TOXIC version features the award winning – and SAPPHIREexclusive -Vapor-X single slot cooler, SAPPHIRE’s implementation of VapourChamber Technology (VCT). This advanced cooling solution provides more efficientand quieter cooling allowing the TOXIC edition to ship overclocked out of thebox, and to allow enthusiasts even more scope for performance tuning. The singleslot design allows the use of multiple cards in the latest CrossFireXconfigurations even where PCI-Express slots are sited closely together.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3870 TOXIC has 512MB of high performance GDDR4 memory, clockedat 1152MHz (2.3GHz effective) and the GPU core is pre-overclocked at 800MHz.Supporting the new CrossFireX technology, two high speed connectors on each cardallow 2 (now) and 3 or even 4 graphics cards (with a future driver release) tobe daisy-chained together for enhanced performance when installed in aCrossFireX mainboard.

All SAPPHIRE graphics cards in the HD 3000 series incorporate the latest ATIAvivo™ HD Technology for enhanced Video display and feature a built in UVD(Unified Video decoder) for the hardware accelerated decoding of Blu-ray™ and HDDVD content for both VC-1 and H.264 codecs, considerably reducing CPU loading.The dedicated HDMI adaptor delivers true audio and video output on a singlecable for direct connection to an HDMI ready display.

SAPPHIRE HD 3000 series graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista™ Premiumcertified and supported by the ATI Catalyst® suite of software, ensuringcustomers have ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability andadded features. Support for DirectX10.1 provides developers with access toenhanced programming techniques and new lighting effects.


Radeon HD 3870

Form Factor


Bus Interface

PCI-E x16


16Mx32 512MBGDDR4/ 256-bit

Clock Speed

800MHz Eclk /1152MHz Mclk

Cooling System

Single slot Fan


Full Height

Display Support


HDTV(via cable)

HDMI(viaDVI-to-HDMI Dongle)



Crossfire Support

Native HardwareCrossfire

External Power

PCIe GraphicExternal Power (2x3Pin)

Regulatory Standards



Sapphire Radeon Xpress 200 MVPU Board

Sapphire has just announced an exciting new range of high end mainboardsdeveloped for gamers and PC enthusiasts who want to get the maximum enjoymentfrom their AMD or Intel based systems using the latesthardware and performance tuning options. PURE Performance series is based on theATi RD400 chipset supporting Pentium 4/XE/D processors as well as MVPUtechnology while PURE Innovation series is currently based on ATi RX480 chipsetsupporting AMD Athlon 64/FX but without MVPU technology. Boards based on RD480chipset will come later supporting MVPU technology.

PURE Performance!

ATi RD400

Developed primarily for the PURE Performance enthusiast, the specificationsfor the Sapphire PURE mainboard line have been chosen to give the user maximumflexibility in performance optimisation. Built using high quality components toprovide stability, providing support for high end
hardware options such as Dual VPU support hardware and offering the capabilityfor BIOS performance tuning, the PURE product family reaches new heights indesirability for the PC platform.

PURE Innovation!

ATi RX480

Captured within the circuitry of the Sapphire PURE Innovation mainboardfamily is the collective feedback of generations of hardcore gamers. Innovativesuggestions combined with the expertise of Sapphire engineers to deliver a rangeof easily configured, high performance mainboards. Pure Innovation mainboardsboast support for the powerful and highly acclaimed AMD Athlon64 and FXprocessors, main memory options of up to 4GB of Dual Channel DDR400, PCI-ExpressTechnology plus additional PCI slots meeting any need for expansion, and a rangeof onboard communications options including LAN and Firewire as well as multipleUSB 2.0 ports and on-board multi channel sound. Peak hard drive performance isassured with both IDE and SATA support.

PURE Immersion!

Backed by the Sapphire reputation for quality and guarantee of reliability,users can expect nothing but pure multimedia Immersion with the Sapphire PUREfamily of mainboards. In addition to peak performance and innovative solutions,Sapphire delivers the ability for all end users, casual and hardcore alike, toexperience an unsurpassed level of multimedia immersion.

Sapphire – PURE Performance, Innovative solutions and PURE multimediaImmersion!

Sapphire Released HD 3850 AGP Card

SAPPHIRE Technology, industry leader in graphics solutions, has justannounced support for legacy PC systems using the AGP graphics bus with a newproduct in its HD 3000 series which brings the latest graphics architectures andfeatures to this industry standard platform.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP is available with 512MB of GDDR3 memory, running at846MHz (1.7GHz effective) and has a core clock speed of 700MHz. It is a standardATX format card, compatible with the industry standard AGP interface and withits slim fan assisted cooler the card occupies only a single expansion slot inthe PC.

The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP shares the 320 stream processors and 512-bit internalring bus memory controller of the latest PCI-Express models together withmultiple rendering units and a programmable tessellation unit. This newproduct’s unified shader architecture with support for Shader Model 4.0 and theforthcoming DirectX 10.1 combine to deliver the most outstanding graphicsperformance ever available to AGP users.

Now manufactured in a new 55nm process technology, the GPU in the HD 3000 seriesdelivers high performance with lower power consumption than previousgenerations. A new feature known as ATI PowerPlay actively reduces powerconsumption depending on loading. On the AGP model, additional power is requiredvia the 8-pin PCI-Express connector fitted, which can be provided from astandard power supply with an adapter cable (supplied).

The SAPPHIRE HD 3850 AGP incorporates the latest ATI Avivo™ HD Technology forenhanced Video display and features a built in UVD (Unified Video decoder) forthe hardware accelerated decoding of Blu-ray™ and HD DVD content for both VC-1and H.264 codecs, considerably reducing CPU loading. Two independent displayoutput controllers provide support for two dual link DVI displays as well asTV-out and HD TV options. HDCP is supported.

SAPPHIRE HD 3000 series graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista™ Premiumcertified and supported by the ATI Catalyst® suite of software, ensuringcustomers have ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability andadded features.

Sapphire Released 4850 TOXIC Edition

Following the introduction of the highly acclaimed HD 4800 series, SAPPHIRETechnology, the leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of AMD/ATI basedgraphics solutions is now shipping two new models of HD 4850 providing a furtherchoice of price:performance points for the enthusiast.

The new SAPPHIRE HD 4850 1GB is a new version of the HD 4850 designed bySAPPHIRE for the user who demands more memory for specific applications likerendering. It offers similar overall performance to the standard model, withclock speeds of 625MHz (core) and 993MHz (memory).

Delivering higher performance to the enthusiast for only a small price premiumover the standard model, the SAPPHIRE HD 4850 TOXIC Edition has been designed bySAPPHIRE to run significantly faster – shipping with core clock speeds of 675MHzand fitted with 512MB of high speed memory operating at 1100MHz. It alsofeatures a Zalman heatpipe fan, providing more efficient cooling – running atmuch lower temperatures than the standard design – as well as quieter operationand more headroom for performance tuning.

Both models use the PCI-Express Gen2 interface, and feature dual connectors forCrossFireX cables, allowing two or more cards to be used together on aCrossFireX compatible mainboard for even higher graphics performance. Both arebased on the powerful new graphics architectures from the ATI division of AMD,incorporating 800 process units, improved memory management architecture and anupgraded hardware video decoder.

All SAPPHIRE graphics cards in the HD 4800 series incorporate the latest ATIAvivo™ HD Technology for enhanced Video display and feature a new generationbuilt in hardware UVD (Unified Video decoder) considerably reducing CPU load anddelivering smooth decoding of Blu-ray™ and HD DVD content for both VC-1 andH.264 codecs, as well as Mpeg files. In addition to two, dual-link DVI outputs,and TV-Out, a dedicated HDMI adaptor delivers both audio and video output on asingle cable for direct connection to an HDMI ready display.

SAPPHIRE HD 4800 series graphics cards are Microsoft Windows Vista™ Premiumcertified and supported by the ATI Catalyst® suite of software, ensuringcustomers have ongoing access to software updates for performance, stability andadded features. Like the previous generation, these cards support DirectX10.1for enhanced rendering performance and lighting effects.

Sapphire readying three new motherboards, AM3+ launched

When it comes to its range of motherboard products, Sapphire has been quite slow to bring new products to market and today the company finally announced its AM3+ motherboard, the Pure Black 990FX. However, we have details of three additional motherboards alongside with pictures, all of which were expecting should arrive before the end of the year from Sapphire.

The Pure Black 990FX may be late, but at least is has some competitive features such as six x16 PCI Express slot – in a dual x16 or four x8 configuration with two x4 slots – and nine internal SATA 6Gbps ports. Other features include two front USB 3.0 ports – bracket included – a Molex connector for extra power to the PCI Express slots, a POST80 debug LED, manually selectable BIOS and a power and reset button.

Around the back the board has a PS/2 port, six USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA port, a Bluetooth 2.1 dongle, a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports via Marvell chips and 7.1-channel audio with optical and coaxial S/PDIF out. The downside is that the board is quite expensive at around €160 (S$275/US$210) which makes it fairly uncompetitive unless you really want a board with the specific slot layout on offer here.

So what about the other three models? Well, continuing on the AMD theme we have the Pure White A55M which unlike what the name suggests is another black and blue motherboard (no-ones beaten it up as far as were aware). This is set to be Sapphires budget FM1 motherboard, but at least Sapphire hasnt skimped on all the features here. The board is a mATX model and it has a single x16 PCI Express slot, two x1 PCI Express slots and a PCI slot. Add six SATA 3Gbps ports, dual BIOS, power and reset buttons and a feature Sapphire calls Memory Free which appears to be some kind of push button memory configuration solution and things arent looking too bad.

Around the back we find a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, a pair of USB 3.0 ports via an ASMedia host controller, a Gigabit Ethernet port, three audio jacks for 5.1-channel audio, a D-Sub, DVI and HDMI port. Note that the DVI and HDMI ports on this board can most likely not be used at the same time. One thing that did catch our attention was a pin-header labelled FUSB3 which appears to be for front USB 3.0 ports, but it doesnt look like the standard USB 3.0 pin-headers, nor does there appear to be a second USB 3.0 host controller on the board. That said, the silk screening on the board reads PW-A8A75M so its possible that Sapphire is/was planning an AMD A75 chipset version of this board and its possible that some things will change before launch.

Sapphire Readies HD 7970 with 1335 MHz GPU Clock

You read that right, 1335 MHz GPU core clock speed, out of the box! A leaked company document belonging to AMDs biggest add-in board (AIB) partner, Sapphire, disclosed details such as clock-speeds, of pretty much every non-reference design Radeon HD 7970 graphics card that company has, in the works. These include Sapphires using brand markers – Atomic, Toxic, FLEX, Vapor, and Dual-Fan. The cards that caught our eyes are "Atomic RX" and "Atomic WC".

Both "Atomic RX" and "Atomic WC" have the same exact clock speeds – 1335 MHz core, 5735 MHz (1433 MHz actual) memory. The "Atomic RX" could be an air-cooled model, while the "Atomic WC" could be a liquid-cooled one. Sapphire will most likely use a closed-loop, pre-fitted water-cooling solution.

Other variants include Toxic 3G, with 1125 MHz core, 5600 MHz (1400 MHz actual) memory; FLEX 6G, with a flexible display output configuration of six mini-DisplayPort connectors, AMD reference clock speeds of 925/5500 MHz (core/memory effective), but with a whopping 6 GB of memory on board; VaporX 3G with 1010/5500 MHz (core/memory effective), Dual-Fan 3G, with a cost-effective double-fan cooler and AMD reference speeds; and "Da Original", which is the vanilla card that sticks completely to AMD reference board design. Boy, are we excited.

Source: ChipHell

Sapphire Radeon X800XL ULTIMATE

Experience the deafening silence of the latest technological advent fromSapphire as the award winning ULTIMATE series comes to the popular RADEON X800XLline. Listen to the sounds echoing from far off worlds without the drone of PCfans, by equipping your system with the near-silent ULTIMATE cooling solution.


Near Silent ULTIMATE cooler 256MB of GDDR3 memory 256-bit memory interface 16 parallel pixel pipelines PCI Express x16 lane native support Dual display support Dual integrated 400MHz DAC’s 2048×1536 @ 85Hz Maximum Resolution S-Video TV-out port Full support for DirectX® 9.0 and the latest OpenGL® 2.0 functionalitySMARTSHADER™ HD technology SMOOTHVISION™ HD technology 3Dc™ High quality 4:1 Normal Map Compression delivers beautiful sceneswithout the performance hit. Unique VIDEOSHADER™ HD engine uses programmable pixel shaders toaccelerate video processing and provide better-looking visuals HYPER Z™ HD is optimized for performance at high display resolutions,including widescreen HDTV resolutions.